Beautiful Akelei Blue Barlow

Beautiful Akelei Blue Barlow. Hello Garden friends, it’s a long long time since my last post here LOL . Everyday I am busy with my children. Benjamin will be 3 years in July and 3 months baby girl her name is Lisa πŸ˜‰ . Today I would like presented my first blooming Akelei Blue Barlow.

German name: Gemeine Akelei
English name: Common columbine, Granny’s nightcap, Granny’s bonnet

Beautiful Akelei Blue Barlow
Double-flowered Akelei Blue Barlow. Blooming Mai 9, 2017


Variety Akelei, double flowered
Offered. Name Aquilegia vulgaris
Family Ranunculaceae (this family contains Anemone, Goldenseal, Nigella, Buttercup, Clematis, Delphinium, and more)
Size 40-80 cm
Planting season from March to October
Flowering time from May to June
Light sun, half shadow
Ground humus floor
Sowing / planting shrub, bedding
Cycle Perennial
Soil PH Acid, Alkaline, Neutral

What an enchanting and modest bloom is the Columbine! Even the stuffed species are never obtrusive, but fragrantly tender. The Columbine with its elegant flowers enjoys a long garden tradition.

Akelei Blue Barlow growing good in the light semi-shade between ground coverers, forest grasses and perennials such as autumn anemones and herringbone hat, the flowers last the longest. The unpretentious perennial grows also in sunny locations with damp soil.

Aphids attack My Akelei


Use the graceful columbine for colorful bouquets, with the best time for cutting the opening of the first flowers. Akeleien are bred in many beautiful colors.

Close-up of flowers Akelei Blue Barlow


If you want to preserve the “original colors“, you should not mix the varieties. They otherwise cross themselves and the offspring look quite different from the parents. Many akelean lovers appreciate this effect and regard the seedlings as valuable unique pieces. And that is the beauty of the garden, that everyone can be happy with it!.

Fruit of Aquilegia vulgaris Blue Barlow


Aquilegia seed pods

Next time I want buy Akelei Nora Barlow this plant also double flowered akelei :mrgreen: .

Happy Growing everyone πŸ˜‰

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