Fig Plants Tree in Germany

Fig Plants Tree in Germany. The fig tree, in Indonesia known as the Tin tree, the Latin name is Ficus carica. There are 2 big fig trees near my home in Germany.

Tin or fig trees are still relatives of banyan trees, of the same genus Ficus. Growing in the area of West Asia, from the Balkan coast to Afghanistan. Now also cultivated in Australia, Chile, Argentina, and to America.

Cara Merawat Pohon Tin Buah Ara. Fig Plants Tree in Germany

This big tree can grow up to 10-35 meters. With a soft gray stem. The leaves are large enough and notched in 3 to 5 years. This is the 3rd, if the 5 ones are, only 3 I see.

Tin flowers do not appear because they are protected by a flower base that closes so that they are thought to be fruit. Like this, there are no flowers.

Pollination is carried out by a special type of wasp, just like an insect pollinating other types of Ficus.

The fruit is actually the base of the flower that forms the sphere. This type is typical for all members of the archeology (Moraceae).


The fruit is green 3 to 5 cm long. Some cultivars turn purple when cooked. Now this sap released by this tree can irritate the skin.

In winter, the leaves of the fig tree will fall out, if I notice the owner of the tree will cover the Tin tree using a large plastic. Later in the spring will grow new leaves.

It’s actually been autumn, but this week it’s still warm to 30 degrees Celsius. This Tin plant is affected by the disease, the leaves are wavy, bumps. In order not to be contagious, these leaves must be pruned immediately, discarded if they have this disease, so as not to spread to other healthy leaves.

Figs can be eaten fresh, dried, or made jam. The fruit picked must be immediately used because it cannot be stored for long (easily damaged).

Now we are talking about fig trees with Jewish / Christian literature. The fig tree is the third tree mentioned in the Hebrew Bible and the Old Testament in the Christian Bible, after the “tree of life” and “the tree of knowledge of good and evil.”

Figs also included a list of foods found in the Promised Land according to the Torah (Deuteronomy 8). Jesus Christ cursed a fig tree for not producing fruit (Mark 11: 12–14).

According to Islam, the fig tree is one of two trees called good benefits in Islam. In the Qur’an, one of the letters is called by this name (QS Surah At-Tin verse 1) because Allah swears on behalf of this fruit/plant. Source of Wikipedia  :).

Can we plant a fig tree in pots?. Yes, you can, as long as the pot is large, about 35 cm in diameter, and because the fig tree originates from Saudi Arabia, where it grows on very dry barren land, so don’t flush it often.

Watering when it’s dry if it’s rainy season, it’s not watered at all. If the summer is watered every four days, or sometimes someone says watering one time a day, as long as the media is very dry.

Then if you want to bear fruit quickly, choose the type of common fig, which is fruitful to mature. The grafted ones are easier to bear than those grown from seeds.

This has begun to change color. The next tip again must be trimmed frequently. It is ripe, if the first tree, I rarely see traces trimmed, this one has a lot of trimmed marks.

And if it’s been winter here, it’s really drastically cut the Tin tree.

Video Fig plants in Germany

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In Bahasa: Pohon Tin Besar Subur Berbuah Lebat di Jerman

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